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Basement Conversions and Basement Extensions in Wimbledon

Creating Space Below Limited undertake basement conversions and basement extensions throughout all parts of Central and South-West London including the prestigious area of Wimbledon. Conversions and extensions are used when existing basement space exists but isn’t fulfilling the needs of the property owner. In many instances, properties that we attend in the Wimbledon area have basements that are underused, not used at all or are in a poor state of structural and physical repair.

When we undertake extensions, basement excavation will nearly always be required. Basement extensions spread beyond the existing space to optimise the ground below gardens and other external property areas. Our company has a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and construction specialists who plan and undertake basement excavation in Wimbledon with the utmost care. We have our own machinery available for this sensitive and specialised work.

On new builds, extensions and conversions, we may perform basement underpinning work to strengthen the foundations of the property or to reinforce the basement when the overall structure has changed. There are several different types of basement underpinning, including concrete, beam-and-base and mini-piled underpinning, which we may use in the completion of basement extensions and conversions in the Wimbledon area. We will always advise you in advance of the method we plan to use.

With basement conversions, excavation and underpinning may not be required as long as we make no structural changes. Many of our basement conversions are simply a question of remedial repair work although we can provide full fit-out services if required. Most property owners and developers in the Wimbledon area have their basements converted to create additional living space. New bedrooms, playrooms, kitchens and relaxation spaces are amongst the most popular reasons for a basement extension or conversion.