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Basement Conversions and Basement Extensions in Putney

At Creating Space Below Limited, we can create new basement spaces in Putney from scratch with a complete design-and-build service. We also undertake basement conversions and basement extensions that optimise the space available to you. Our company has dedicated design and construction teams who work with your personal ideas and concepts to create stylish, functional living spaces.

From basement excavation and groundwork to basement underpinning and waterproofing, our complete in-house services give property owners and developers in Putney an unrivalled range of choice. How you choose to use your basement space is up to you but here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  1. If you have a growing family, why not free up some extra space for the kids? Many of our clients use basements as nurseries or children’s playrooms.
  2. Our basement conversions and basement extensions are perfect for growing families in the Putney area who require an additional bedroom – or maybe even two!
  3. Ever fancied your private room space where you can unwind while the rest of the family are settled in front of the TV? Our new builds, conversions and extensions make perfect man caves, games rooms and home bars.
  4. If you’re a big music fan but are still trying to master that one elusive power chord, why not turn your basement into a music room? Because basements are situated below ground level, they have excellent soundproofing qualities.
  5. Save money on annual memberships by using your basement space as a personal gym. Creating Space Below Limited can even help you with the fit-out.
  6. Fed up of the parking situation in Putney? We can use our basement excavation and basement underpinning expertise to create underground parking for your family vehicles.
  7. If you can’t get anywhere near the bathroom in the morning, have your basement converted into a new spa and shower room.
  8. Enjoy the best in home entertainment and audio-visual technology by using your new basement conversion as a home cinema.
  9. For families in Putney who don’t want to spend too much time in the basement, we can help to create new below-ground kitchens. This can help to free up valuable living space in ground floor areas.
  10. Can’t move for clutter? A new or converted basement can give you all of the storage space you need.